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 President Convince the UNSC

Moon Jae-in, the president met with leaders of Asia and Europe community rail Asia - East Asia will lead to a common European prosperity and peace on the Korean peninsula is multilateral in Northeast Asia.Will lead to Security and Cooperation stressed.

President Moon made the remarks in succession at the ASEM (Asian Europe Conference) summit at the European Union building in Brussels, Belgium, from 18th to 19th (local time).

He also held bilateral talks with British Prime Minister Teresa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and persuaded the U.K. that measures should be taken to further promote denuclearization, including easing sanctions on North Korea in an irreversible stage.

President Moon also held bilateral summits with Thai Prime Minister Prachian Chan-ocha and EU President Donald Tusk and persuaded them to support the denuclearization process of the Korean Peninsula and the efforts for permanent peace settlement.

"I believe that the link between Asia and Europe will be completed through peace on the Korean Peninsula," President Moon said at the ASEM summit.

"I met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un three times to confirm our commitment to denuclearization and peace on the Korean Peninsula," President Moon said. "North Korea and the U.S. are also sitting down and talking to each other for peace."스포츠토토사이트

"If conditions are created, the South and the North will actively pursue economic cooperation. This will naturally go beyond economic cooperation in Northeast Asia and lead to multilateral security cooperation.

"I proposed the East Asian Railway Community, which includes six East Asian countries and the United States," he said in August this year. "As we have so far, I ask for your attention and support," he said.

If he emphasized such "vision" on the multilateral stage, he focused on "snowing" for concrete progress at bilateral summits.

First, President Moon expressed consistent support for the peace process on the Korean Peninsula with German Chancellor Teresa May, who was a permanent member of the Security Council.

"North Korea has suspended nuclear and missile tests since November last year, and has stressed its promise to dismantle the Punggye-ri nuclear test site and the Dongchang-ri missile test site, and to build uranium enrichment facilities when the U.

As the summit ended early in 20 minutes due to the order of Prime Minister May's ASEM remarks, President Moon held another meeting with German and Thai Prime Minister Ahem to discuss ways to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula for 15 minutes.

"If North Korea makes progress in denuclearization, at least humanitarian aid or easing sanctions against the North is needed, and discussions on such processes are necessary at the UN Security Council," Mr. Moon reiterated.

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