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 Why did the ASEM give North Korea more lashes than carrots?

Stronger CVID demands from North Korea than the U.S.

"EEU Existing Position"..."Be aware of the nuclear issue and stress the principles"
Refreshing the humanitarian situation and mentioning the rapid implementation of the North American agreement

Kim Byung-soo, special correspondent of the U.N. news agency, said, "We expected that the leaders of the 51 Asian and European countries would adopt a strong statement and close the meeting in North Korea.

Above all, the ASEM summit demanded complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of North Korea.

The CVID is already a "lost card" for the U.S. government to negotiate with North Korea.

The U.S. administration of Donald Trump has demanded CVID from North Korea in the first place, but as the negotiations are getting full-fledged, the U.S. is emphasizing "Final and fully verified denuclearization."

While denying the Trump administration, experts have criticized the move as a step backward from CVID.

The South Korean government is also emphasizing "full denuclearization" over "CVID," and stresses that CVID and CD are no different in their pursuit.

The EU has been keeping pace with the South Korean government in resolving the North Korean issue.

When the Trump administration mentioned military options on the North Korean nuclear issue, it has consistently supported the South Korean government, emphasizing the resolution through dialogue and diplomacy, not military force.

However, the EU remains at CVID in its denuclearization process, and that position is reflected in the president's statement of the ASEM summit.

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