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 Mr. Moon: "Non-nuclearization Traction"...英 "Enhanced, 北 CVID"

ASEM (Asia Europe Meeting and asem) at Moon Jae-in, currently visiting Belgium for the president on July 19 (local time) North Korea continues to push ahead with denuclearization actions the international community.The United Nations Security Council in tow in the book of wisdom, in time, " he said.토토사이트

"North Korea has suspended nuclear and missile tests since November last year and has suspended nuclear and missile tests," President Moon said in a series of summit talks with British Prime Minister Terissa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Europa Building where Agem is being held.

"If North Korea progresses to an irrevocably irreversible extent, humanitarian aid or easing sanctions against the North is necessary at the U.N. Security Council," President Moon stressed.
In response, Prime Minister May and Chancellor Merkel expressed their sympathy for the need for concrete measures to further promote North Korea's real denuclearization, and emphasized the need for CVID (complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization).

When asked if the presidential office had attempted not to use the expression "CVID," Yoon replied, "Because some countries (the U.N. Security Council) are willing to change their position, it was not a sanction for permanent member."

"Because CVID covers complete denuclearization, there is no reason to stick to the term itself," he added.

Yoon explained that he did not specify the point, but at least he also sympathized with what President Moon called an "unreasonable situation."

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