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 The difference in temperature between the international community and North Korea

Moon Jae-in president on June 21, 7 and 9 nights, finishing the 11-day official visit to Europe. The biggest achievement of this visit is that it led to the pope's strong support and visit to the North on the Korean Peninsula. On the other hand, it is regrettable that the North has not made much progress in persuading the North to ease sanctions on its nuclear program. Furthermore, as European countries confirmed the principle of complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization, the temperature difference that has eased sanctions against North Korea was clearly seen.

Mr. Moon toured five countries - France, Italy, the Kingdom of the Pope, Belgium, and Denmark - for seven nights and nine days from October 13 to 21. He attended two multilateral meetings (ASEM & Asem) (the Asia-Europe Meeting, ASEM, ASEM), 'The Solidarity for Green Growth and Global Targets 2030), and held nine summits (France, Italy).

A high-ranking official at the presidential office said, "I think we can give 70 points if we score points."
The biggest achievement in this trip was that he invited Pope Francis to visit North Korea. At the invitation of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to Pyongyang, the pope accepted the invitation in Italian, which means "available." "Don't stop and move on. "Don't be afraid," he said, expressing strong support for the peace process on the Korean Peninsula.

The acceptance of the pope's visit was an unexpected result even within Cheong Wa Dae. As soon as they heard the results of the exclusive meeting, low exclamation was heard from the staff. A senior official at the presidential office said, "We can see that the visit to Europe has achieved all the results of the planned visit."

The pope, the symbol of peace, marks the first time that the pope has opened the North Korean territory. North Korea alone guarantees the North's willingness to open up and can serve as a bridge to a normal country. It could also increase the confidence in North Korea's willingness to denuclearize the North, thus dissolving some of the international community's distrust.

As a single religious leader has expressed strong support for the peace process on the Korean Peninsula, the government can push ahead with the peace plan more quickly. Analysts say that the message also served as a message to many European Catholic countries, signaling peace plans on the Korean Peninsula.

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