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 Hyundai Motor Company's i30 N Line is launched. Six-stage manual: 23.79 million won

Kim Jin-young, reporter for the Daily Autoin: Hyundai Motor Co. said on Tuesday that it has released "i30 N Line," which emphasizes "joy to drive" with design inspired by high-performance Ns.토토놀이터

The i30 N Line has been developed for customers who want a more dynamic design and sporty driving style than the existing i30, reflecting customers' expectations for a high-performance model since its launch in Korea. 'N Line', which will gradually expand its lineup to start with i30 N Line, is a model located between base and high-performance N model based on its portfolio of high-performance N products and it is expected that it will play a role in expanding entry and base of high-line of high-performance vehicle through performance tuning.

As Hyundai Motor Company released its 2019 i30 model, it will replace 1.6 turbo sports premium trim, which was the top trim of the previous i30, with N Line trim that has high performance N. Furthermore, i30 N Line has completed a more dynamic design by applying design parts (parts) of high-performance models in large numbers.

Its front panel features a black mesh-type radiator grille for N Line, front lip and wheel-or-shoulder design, and black bezel headlamps and transverse LED daytime driving.

The rear design also features a bold N Line rear bumper and a dedicated rear diffuser, which allows a sense of unity and front, and also has a dual muffler tip to finish with high-performance vehicle sensitivity. Also, the rear lamp has an emblem exclusively for N Line, which adds to the N Line's unique unit.

  |  Post by : dearrrrmor15

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