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 A clear sky without fine dust.a great caution

A clear sky without fine dust.a great caution


Clear skies and clean air all over the country.

I'm afraid you'll have to watch out for the big daily shifts.

There's a weatherman out in the middle of autumn.

Kim Min-ji Caster


Yes, it's on Namsan.

I can feel the autumn is getting thick in the middle of the city.

Namsan Mountain, where I come out, has a beautiful autumn foliage.

You don't have to worry about fine dust today.
The air will spread smoothly and the air will be clean all day.

Up until this morning, air was heavy in some southern regions, but now the concentration of fine dust is 'normal' across the country.

Clear skies and low temperatures are similar to or slightly higher than yesterday.

Currently, there are 17.6 degrees in Seoul, 19.3 degrees in Gwangju, and 20.2 degrees in Daegu.

There is also a temperature difference of almost 20 degrees between day and night.

Please dress well to avoid catching a cold.

The clear blue sky will continue until tomorrow.

But the day after tomorrow, there's another rain report.

Rain will begin to fall in the western part of the country in the morning and gradually expand to the entire nation by day.

Most of the rain will stop at night.

After the rain stops, the temperature will drop sharply and be chilly during the day.

The temperature will change a lot for the time being.

Please take good care of your health as your immune system is prone to deterioration.

The weather has been told so far.

(Kim Min-ji Weather Caster)

  |  Post by : dearrrrmor15

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