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 Counterfeit private documents Kang Yong-seok...Lawyer Kim Bu-sun is a prison term

Lawyer Kang Yong-seok, who was charged with forgery of a private document in collusion with a well-known blogger suspected of having affair, was sentenced to prison in the court and imprisoned.
Judge Park Dae-san of the Seoul Central District Court sentenced Kang Yong-seok (49) who is suspected of violating private documents to one year in prison. I forgot my position as a lawyer and the underlying duty, and I have forged a complaint against him in collusion with Kim. The possibility of criticism is very high. "Kim's husband appears likely to suffer further in addition to the pain of his wife's affair and demands severe punishment for the accused," the accused said, "but he does not reflect on his wrongdoing up to the court." After the trial, Kang was arrested by the court after responding briefly to reporters' question of "an appeal doctor."

During the trial, Kang argued that he helped write related documents, believing Kim`s words to drop the cow. When Kim asked his husband to drop the civil lawsuit against Kang in 2014, he said, "If you can, try it," and accepted it. However, Judge Park judged that her husband`s comment, "If you want to try it, you can hardly be regarded as an authority to drop the cow." Kang helped me write the document while recognizing that my husband had not given Kim the authority to remove the cow. It was hard to understand that Kim, who requested the removal of the cow from the position of Kang, had submitted a letter claiming that the request was invalid.

Kang conspired with Kim to withdraw the lawsuit against Kim for 100 million won in damages after the alleged affair with a well-known blogger named Doom-Mom, Kim. Prosecutors asked Kang for two years in prison.

Kang will not be able to become a lawyer if he is sentenced to prison after an appeal trial. Kang has defended actor Kim Bu-sun, who had claimed to have been in a relationship with Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung in September, and Kim's defense is expected to suffer. I have decided to take over all the cases related to the race and I have finished the contract, Kang said in a YouTube channel, The Dorosse Research Institute.

Kang ran in Mapo, Seoul, as a member of the Grand National Party in the 2008 general elections, but was expelled from the party after two years due to her denial of female announcer. He ran as an independent in 2012, but he failed to appear as a panel in a general programming channel and left all the programs due to allegations of affair with Kim

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