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 Don't wash the laundry.2 Singapore Company and 1 Person

The U.S. Treasury Department imposed independent sanctions on two Singaporean companies and one individual on Wednesday (local time) for allegedly laundering money for North Korea.

This means that the U.N. will block the flow of funds to North Korea by imposing sanctions on third countries that helped the North avoid the U.N. Security Council's monitoring of sanctions, and continue to pressure the North for denuclearization.

The Ministry of Finance said in a press release that the Ministry of Finance's Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) imposed such sanctions in order to continue the implementation of the current sanctions.

The sanctions are Singaporean Tanyon Limited, Singapore's trading company, WT Marine Limited Ltd., and Singapore's Tanyon Limited President and controlling shareholder and managing officer of WT Marine. Suspicions of money laundering, counterfeiting goods and currency, smuggling money, drug trafficking, and other high-ranking North Korean and North Korean officials were involved or directly or indirectly involved in other illegal economic activities to support them.

At the same time, the Ministry of Justice also disclosed the charges against Tanyu Beng.

The Treasury Department said the move shows Washington's commitment to protecting the current international financial system and implementing the Security Council resolution, and shows how Pyongyang continues to use its illegal financial system to avoid sanctions.

It also stressed that the move makes it clear that the U.S. will not hesitate to impose sanctions on any person, agency or ship that supports North Korea's illegal activities regardless of nationality.

"Tanwibeng and his conspirators deliberately cleaned the money through the U.S. financial system on behalf of North Korea," Treasury Secretary Stephen Menusin warned that governments, financial institutions and businesses around the world need to be extremely vigilant.

"The U.S. government will never overlook these deceptive practices," he said.

According to the Finance Ministry, Tanyu Beng and at least one of his colleagues have carried out multi-million-dollar commodity contracts on behalf of North Korea since 2011.

To avoid regulatory networks and investigations, Tanybeng engaged in transactions that disrupted payment tracking and sought to avoid financial sanctions against the North, the Treasury said. Tanyu Beng and Witillon were also found to have handed over money to a North Korean who made a lump sum when the bank transfer was rejected.

The WT Marin, a company closely linked to the U.S.-based company, said last year that its ships operated and managed by JW Jewel and NYMEX were involved in illegal economic activities to support the North Korean regime.

The Ministry of Finance said that many of the activities involved by the two companies were included in the "Cautions" issued by the Financial Crime Commission on November 2 last year.
Above all, the measure shows examples of how North Korea uses companies in third countries to pay small amounts of money, such as ghost companies, camouflage companies, or shipping and trading companies in other parts of Asia, the ministry said.

In addition, North Korean financial agents are using third-country companies to set up camouflage and ghost companies, while opening bank accounts that allow them access to U.S. and international financial systems, the ministry said

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