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Talk About Women


 Minister Jin Sun-mi said, "The Hwasa Foundation's

In 2015, the reconciliation policy dealing with the Healing Foundation, created by Japanese military sexual slavery agreement between Korea and Japan will be announced in early November.

"We are discussing how, how and when we will discuss the issue of the foundation.

Reconciliation, healing foundation is featuring Japanese government funds by Japanese military sexual slavery agreement between Korea and Japan 10 billion yen in 2015 established. However, Japanese military sexual slavery victims and civil society is not accept the agreement itself resigned to the board is short and private, in fact a state function.

Chin last 11 visits, in the house of sharing old Japanese military sexual slavery victims to Healing Foundation, the appointment of a problem.

"The direction of the foundation is being organized to some extent, and the remaining 10.3 billion won of the funds (the Japanese government's contributions) are linked together, which is almost at the end," Chin explained.

He was "Japanese military sexual slavery, the problem is always our last agreement, in the moral high ground is very poor on the situation." and " we unilaterally.Frame is best not to be made as revoking the point where you are. "

"There are diplomatic issues with Japan, and we are looking into them closely because we cannot give up our relations with Japan in inter-Korean or economic relations."

Meanwhile, Chin showed strong will to push for the target percentage of female executives at private companies.

"The ratio of women executives at the top 500 companies in 2016 is 2.7 percent, but I don't think it's too much," said Chin.

"The diversity of corporate investment decision-making factors is reflected in the equal employment of men and women around the world," Chin said.

"I'm becoming confident that I can help the economy by increasing the competitiveness of companies and creating more jobs so that we can see them more quickly," Chin said.

Minister Jin also expressed interest in supporting families who are not married or related. While Jin prepared for the bill, which included the proposal, when he was serving as the 19th National Assembly member, the bill was not yet submitted.

The low birthrate is in serious condition, and the wedding is being delayed. "The divorce rate is so high that it can be considered as one of the highest in the world."

"However, the law does not appear due to the discrimination imposed on people who can benefit from the law," he said.
I don`t think it`s enough, Chin said.

There is a distorted digital public opinion that "women pass on the difficulties to men." "In foreign countries, we will closely look at the physical differences that make up the shortage with weapons.

"In fact, there is a lot of demand for female police in the investigation and investigation of sex crimes," Chin said. "There are areas where investigations are going to be digitized.

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