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  "I don't get paid for it." Grandmother Kim Bok-dong cries...Can we dismantle the reconciliation and healing foundation?

It rained a lot in Seoul yesterday. And the 90 this year in the rain two murder victims of the Japanese, 'Japanese military sexual slavery' gimbokttong she protested in front of the Foreign Ministry in alone. My grandmother was dying of cancer, Kim only five days after surgery, the Japanese army 'Japanese military sexual slavery' memory justice, solidarity, a civic group, a one-man protest of the first step in establishing.A spiral. "I didn't fight to win the consolation prize," Kim said. "I have to get rid of the reconciliation and healing foundation as soon as possible."

"Foundation of all Japanese armed forces ' Japanese military sexual slavery victim's honor, dignity for trauma healing and recovery of the established for business." high in the reconciliation and healing foundation website.Are listed. Then, why did Kim shout for the breakup of the reconciliation and healing foundation? What has the reconciliation and healing foundation done so far?

■ 2015, Japan, Korea and Japan a 'Japanese military sexual slavery' agreement.a peace and healing foundation with a remittance of 1 billion yen.

As of December 28, 2015, Japan and bi-lateral lateral of three of the problems, 'Japanese military sexual slavery' has been agreed. Improve relations between the two countries amid mounting pressure from the United States, a Japanese military sexual slavery problem in the 50th anniversary of the two countries established diplomatic relations between Korea and Japan, 2015, Park Geun-hye was trying to clean up the government's decision. South Korean, Japan, one billion yen in Japan found a fund to support 'Japanese military sexual slavery' victims here, agreed to about 100 billion won our money.

Seven months after the agreement, the foundation was created on July 28 last year. The foundation has been noisy since its creation. At that time, establishing a foundation board members are senior citizens or Japan, an expert in women's welfare experts and personnel as well as the legal profession, Japan, and kkuryeojyeo to him to raise 'Japanese military sexual slavery' problems.Committed to civic groups, even officials do not include controversial.

About a month after the foundation was established, Japan sent a billion yen that it promised to appear in the Korea-Japan agreement to the Reconciliation and Judgment Foundation. Foundation agree with 44 billion won compensation received by the end of last year, Japan, 스포츠토토추천'Japanese military sexual slavery' paid to the victims and families, damage 'Japanese military sexual slavery', Foundation of Japan in the process.Unknown to the Parties to also report a suspicion that the bonus payments.

"Kim Bok Deuk, Japan, Japanese military sexual slavery ' victims, she were paid 100 million won in a situation where you don't know." is a group in January last year, said. At that time, Kim said she didn't know about the payment, and that she had never seen her bank account, and the recording of her grandmother's "Return the money" The foundation, however, denied the allegations, explaining that "the Japanese government politely explained the cash it had delivered to its grandmother and family in a gesture of apology and reflection and followed the decision."

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