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 Back after finishing the coursefee...2,000-ray recovery (Total 2 steps)

Yoo Hyun-min, a reporter for Yonhap News Agency, said, "The KOSPI recovered to 2,000 on May 30 thanks to the lion, a companion to foreigners and institutions.

As of 10:08 a.m. on the day, the KOSPI rose 16.62 points (0.83 percent) to 2,012.67 points.

The index fell 10.10 points (0.51 percent) from the previous day to 1,985.95 for the sixth straight day. This is the lowest level since December 6, 2016 (1976.51).

The index also drew a head-on curve as foreigners and organizations began to purchase the index together.

"The sale of the sale and the settlement of the credit balance continued to take place, but the market value of the purchase fell below the level of 2008," said Kim Yong-koo, a researcher at Hana Financial Investment.

Foreign investors net purchase 24.6 billion won in the securities market and the agency bought 161.9 billion won. Individuals are also selling $187.7 billion (187.7 billion KRW).

Samsung Electronics (3.50 percent), SK Hynix (5.54 percent), Seltron (2.29 percent), Samsung BioLogics (2.21 percent), and LG Chemicals (2.24 percent), and Hyundai Motor Company (1.42 percent).

Cells and electronics (3.45 percent), paper and wood (1.73 percent), and transportation equipment (1.76 percent) were strong, while telecommunication (-4.06 percent), banking (-2.12 percent) and insurance (-2.15 percent).
At the same time, the KOSDAQ index rose 7.02 points (0.95%) from the previous trading day to 636.72 points.

The index started at 623.33, down 6.37 points or 토토사이트
1.01 percent from the previous day, and continued to rise.

In the Kosdaq market, foreigners and institutions are net buying of 72.3 billion won and 54.8 billion won respectively, while individuals are selling 115.6 billion won.

Most of the top stocks in the market are rising such as Celtic healthcare (2.23 percent), CJ ENM (0.09 percent), and Shilla Jian (2.91 percent).

In the top 10 in the market capitalization category, only the studio Dragon (-0.34 percent) fell.

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