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 A government that does nothing, I am really scared.

"This government is doing nothing. I'm so scared."

The posting was posted on the bulletin board of Daum's stock market. The investor who wrote the article said, "No government in the future has put forward a statement on the economic reconstruction of the nation and it is really scary because there is nothing at this time."

With the collapse of the KOSPI 2000 line on Friday, complaints from ants (personal investors) have peaked. They are mainly government and Moon Jae-in, aiming criticism the president out. Despite the collapse of the KOSPI 2000, the government has no will to revive the Korean economy. The government said it does not know the economy is getting worse, does not know the number of employed people is decreasing, and the public and the economy are not on the lookout.

Measures to stabilize the stock market are also being met. "Now, 500 billion won? "It's a money that foreigners sell every day, but what kind of capital is it?" Another investor of the nation`s largest stock community, Paxnet, pointed out, "How can we keep the market at 500 billion won?"

Some pointed out that the government is not interested in the stock market and only considering ways to support the North.

Naver The KOSPI plunged in 2008, a post on a stock market KOSPI plunged into government presided over by the president shares a stimulus plan and 2015, when economic chapter, and when minister.All over the weekend stimulus and state out. " “Moon Jae-in, the president and Kim Jong Un on the weekend and plan to climbing Mt. Halla a.”, a critical moment. Naver, " one of the worst job markets in a post on a stock market is going all over the Korean economy including consumption, investment, exports, employment, the enemy (赤) signal to show that people are all nervous.Moon Jae-in, a president being bent on supporting North Korea and included writing. "

On the other hand, some said that the government's 안전놀이터criticism is inappropriate because the stock market crash is caused by external factors such as the U.S.-China trade dispute. "If Mr. Moon is causing the KOSPI to plunge, why is the Shanghai Composite Index falling to its lowest level in four years?" said an investor in Naver Securities. It is also the power of President Moon."

  |  Post by : supalupet006

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