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 KT SkyLife 3Q Business Profits Down 35%...Expect a rebound with a combined rate cut

KT SkyLife's operating profit for third quarter of this year decreased 34.6% compared to first quarter of last year. Although sales increased slightly during the same period, investment in costs for new marketing had affected operating profit.

KT SkyLife made an announcement on the 30th that it has made $167 million (167.3 billion KRW), $9.5 million (9 billion KRW) in operating profit and $6.4 billion in net profit in 2018 quarter.

Compared to the same period last year, sales increased 1.5 percent, or 2.4 billion won. However, area profit and net profit decreased 34.6 percent and 41.1 percent (4.4 billion won) respectively.

Along with the payment of the broadcasting development fund, new services such as television, Skylife Evolution TV (SLT) and commerce business were launched in earnest this year, resulting in a decrease in operating profit as a result of cost investment, KT SkyLife said.

As of the third quarter of this year, the total number of broadcasting subscribers decreased by 26,000 from the previous quarter. However, the number of UHD users increased by 53,000 from the previous quarter to about 1058,000. With steady growth, satellite안전놀이터 추천 broadcasting accounted for 24 percent of all subscribers.

"Internet subscribers are increasing after releasing '30% discount home combination' this month." said KT SkyLife.

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