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 Hyundai Motor Company's first deal in Korea on Oct. 2

Seoul-Newscaster Song Hwa-yeon = Hdac Technology announced on November 2 that it will be listed on its own encryption currency Hdac. This is the first time for the company to be listed on a local trading site.

As Hyundai BS&C CEO Chung Dae-sun led the effort, Hitchdak collected $230 million through ICO at the end of last year.

'Hitchdash' is an encryption lung that is specialized for IoT (Internet of Things) with its own main net and M2M (Mobile Communication). Aitchdash Technology creates an IoT-block-converged ecosystem through its own blockchain platform and cryptographic money called Aitchdash, and provides services that are closely related to everyday life such as Smart Home, Smart Factory, and Smart Building.

Aitchdock is a hybrid block chain that combines processing speed of a private block chain and reliability of a public block chain. Aitchdash Coin applies a new agreement algorithm called ePoW (Equilibrium Proof of Work), which is not a proof of operation, and allows as many users as possible to receive mining compensation.

"We are planning to expand the ecosystem of Aitchhodak Coin through local and global trading sites where the won can be traded in the near future," said Yoon Bu-young, CEO of Aitchhod Technology.

Hanbitco, an encrypted currency trading site, was created by local financial experts in March and has an advantage in "security." In September, it acquired ISO 27001, an international security certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Recently, it was the first time for Korea to sell its Stable Coin (USDC).

Hanbitco will hold an airdrop event on its 스포츠토토사이트추천website starting from November 2 to commemorate the first Aitchhdak listing. The company will also offer an Aitchdash to 2,500 new subscribers.

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