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 New Year's Day" will be symbolized by renewable energy

Chonbukmin's wish"Jeonbuk's Opportunity for the Carbon Industry"]
Moon Jae-in, the president 30 days, Gunsan-si, Jeonbuk, Korea The vision of renewable energy at the ceremony, " The opening of the renewable energy projects is the competitiveness of our renewable energy industry.The height in the world will be a landmark event it said. "It will also be a good opportunity to carry out the carbon industry, which North Jeolla Province is pushing forward with its emphasis," he said.

Mr. Moon said, 'Welcome to Korea! "Now that we have 27 years of difficulties, the world's largest solar power complex and large-scale offshore wind power complex will be the driving force behind the development of Korea," said the new sun.

Also, the Saemangeum renewable energy project has a hotbed of North Jeolla Province residents. It is also a touchstone that defines Korea's energy conversion policy.

"The world has already entered the renewable energy era," President Moon said. "As of last year, the proportion of renewable energy generation across the OECD countries accounted for 25 percent, and China alone exceeded 25 percent." Employment also stressed that more than 10 million jobs are created in the global renewable energy sector alone.

President Moon said, "We are far behind and shameful." In response, the government explained that it has announced a plan to implement the 3020 renewable energy system to include eco-friendly energy exploration and development into the top 100 national tasks and increase the share of renewable energy generation to 20 percent by 2030.

President Moon also stressed the possibility of a new million won. In non-aggression, the nation`s largest and second-largest water-borne solar power plant has already been completed and is now operating commercially, said a new renewable energy complex in Buan. It means that there is already a renewable energy infrastructure in Saemangeum.

Mr. Moon said he would work closely with local governments in anticipation of the effects of the Saemangeum renewable energy project, providing the industry with domestic demand, and creating good jobs. The carbon industry also mentioned.
As to the past, present and future of Saemangeum, Mr. Moon said, "New Mannum is changing to a symbol of reconciliation and prosperity, overcoming conflicts. "If the government and the provincial government unite their will to achieve balanced regional development, the opportunities and possibilities of a new millennium will lead to real prosperity and open the future of North Jeolla Province in a thousand years."

"The jobs and profits of the development projects should contribute to the creation of income for local residents," President Moon said. "The most important thing in this process is the active participation of the refugees."

"Each region's interests and opinions may differ in the development process," President Moon said. "We specifically urge local governments and the Saemangeum Development Administration to communicate with local residents with an open mind."

"We will declare a new energy conversion and사다리사이트 a new millennium history here in Saemangeum," he said. Mr. Moon said, "I sincerely thank you and send my congratulations to the refugees who have been patient and waiting for a long time."

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