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"I don't seem to sleep well for four days," said LG's Cha Myung-seok. Both the start and the end of the dilemma are to strengthen off-season power. The plan to strengthen the power that will keep Cha Myung-seok awake would have been drawn.

First of all, it is the composition of foreign players. Tyler Wilson and Henry Sosa are candidates for re-contract, Adonis Garcia is a replacement. Re-signing foreign pitchers is a very difficult problem. Both are good players. "It is not easy to recruit new foreign players because there is a $1 million limit."

Still, there is a variable. Players can challenge the Major League. Or you can break down in the salary negotiations, or you can think of a mood change at the scene. I'm a good player, but if there is a better player, I have to replace it. I asked the International Scout to find a possible player. We will look for more.

"The physical condition of the two players is a variable," he said. What worries us most is health. Sosa had a hip injury at the end of the season. It is uncertain whether Wilson will be able to go through more innings. I asked the training part for a check. If he is a necessary player but cannot survive a season, that could be a reason to replace him, he explained.

Although foreign hitters are set to안전놀이터 play first base, they need more communication with the field. "The first baseman is available," Cha Myung-seok said. Because he doesn't think of an outside FA, he has a second-best way to bring in a third baseman or to recruit a foreign hitter after consulting with manager Ryu Joong-il. "I will follow the direction of manager Ryu Joong-il, and the rest is my job."

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