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 Ready Doosan..."I don't care who KS is."

Doosan, which is ranked No. 1 in the Korean Series (seven games out of four) in the regular league, is quietly but solidly strengthening its power during wild card decision games, semi-playoffs, and playoffs.

Doosan, which finished its last regular league game against Lotte on March 14, began a three-week master plan and prepared for the Korean Series. Doosan started training on the 17th. He went to Japan to get rid of concerns that the real sense of war would decrease and to maximize his power. Doosan participated in Japan's Miyazaki training league and played four Nippon Professional Baseball teams, including the Chunichi Dragons, Hanshin Tigers, Lakuten Golden Eagles, and Yakult Swallows. Doosan once visited Miyazaki in 2016 when it won the combined regular league and the Korean Series.

Doosan's first and third starts such as Josh Lindblum, Seth Hurangkov, and Lee Yong-chan took the mound and inspected the ball.

The team has prepared a daily schedule from a week before the first game of the Korean Series (April 4). Lindblum, who is scheduled to play in the first round, played 75 live pitching pitches at Jamsil Stadium on Tuesday. This is a schedule that will take place in the first round after a five-day break. Hurinkov, who will play in the second round on May 5, also pitched five innings in his own evaluation match on July 30. Lindblum had 15 wins and four losses, Hurangkoff had 18 wins and three losses, and Lee Yong-chan had 15 wins and three losses. Doosan coach Kim Tae-hyung said, "Our strategy is to beat the opponent안전놀이터 추천 team by placing the first to third place in the regular season." Doosan batters are battling each other with a pitching machine of 150 kilometers per hour. In addition, the coaching staff and the analysis team are closely watching the playoffs of SK and Nexen and grasping the pros and cons.

"We are planning to complete the final training on the 2nd and 3rd in order to maintain the best relationship," Doosan's spokesperson Kim Tae-joon said. "The team is determined to win the championship."

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