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 Checkwing] Will we prove 'SK natural enemy' or FA maximum value?

Based on the overwhelming batting record, Doosan, the winner of the regular league, will face SK, the winning playoff team, at Jamsil Stadium on Wednesday. This season, the two teams have a tie with eight wins and eight losses. Doosan, however, is expected to win the championship for the first time in two years as it has been preparing for the Korean Series with sufficient rest after confirming its victory in the regular league.

Doosan has a record-high batting average of 0.309 this season, but the most noticeable is the league's top catcher with both offense and offense. Yang, who had a batting average of 0.358 OPS 1.012 WAR (based on wins/cabies report) this season, ranked second in the batting 토토사이트 average and ranked third in the OPS 4th place.
Until July, he was the top batter in batting average. However, he was outstripped by LG`s Kim Hyun-soo with a batting average of 0.243 in August. Yang's batting average of less than 30 percent was the only time in August.

However, Yang, who has been recovering since September after returning to the Asian Games, finished the season with his best career record in hitting categories such as batting average, hits, home runs, RBIs and walks. It is likely that a large contract worth more than 10 billion won will win the FA title after the end of this season.
Yang Ji-ji, who had the best year of her career, will be selected in the first round of the Korean Series by Park Jong-hoon, who recorded 14 wins, 8 losses and 4.18 ERA this season. In Game 3 of the playoffs against Nexen, he had three runs in 4.1 innings, but pitched well in July 24 against Doosan with no loss in five innings.

Yang, however, has followed the batting average of 0 .348 against underhand pitchers this season. Although there are few samples, Park also has good memories with one hit in one stroke. In addition, he showed a strong batting average of 0.404 against SK. Attention is focusing on whether Yang will be able to prove his value by leading the first round of the Korean Series.

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