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 Korea-Japan Professional Baseball League for the first time...Hillman's Great Challenge

SK manager Trey Hillman has a unique resume. He directed the Nippon Ham team and the Kansas City Royals in the U.S. Major League Baseball and took the helm of SK last year. Though there are cases of coaches in Japan and the U.S. such as Bobby Valentine and Jerry Royster, who took the helm at Lotte in Korea through Milwaukee, Hillman is the first Korean and Japanese professional baseball coaches.

Hillman is the coach of the championship. He led Nippon Ham, a long-term weak player, to the top of the Nippon Professional Baseball league in 2006. It was the first time in 25 years for Nippon Ham to win the Pacific League, 44 years for the Japanese Series, and the second time in the history of the team.

Hillman, the coach of the team, is set to take the top spot again in 2018. This time, it is across the sea from Korea. As SK has put its team on the Korean Series for the first time in two years, it will have a showdown with Doosan, the top player of the regular season. It is also the first time in the world if Korea wins both the Korean pro baseball and the Japanese baseball since there were no cases of coaching in Korea and Japan before Hillman.

This is the first and last challenge for Hillman. Coach Hillman is leaving SK after the season due to family affairs. It is a rare opportunity for the Korean leader to take over the Japanese team and for the Japanese leader to take over the Korean team because it is emotionally difficult.

The process was dramatic until Hillman's last chance to challenge himself. In Game 5 of the playoffs on Sunday, SK allowed a tie after two in the 9th inning and a one-run back in the 10th inning, but went back to the Korean Series with a back-to-back home run. This is the result of the team's voice saying, "I want to play baseball with Coach Hillman as long as I can."

Hillman said, "I am honored to sit with스포츠토토사이트you in this position. Doosan is a strong team and excellent. "I am very respectful. Thank you for being able to do the Korean Series together."

After winning the 2006 Japanese Series and receiving rinshare, Hillman said, "Shinjiraneai." It means 'unbelievable.' The horse hit Japan for a while.

If Korea wins the Korean Series, it could be the second "Sindirana." Hillman said, I don`t know yet. "I still don't know what to say when the moment of victory comes," she said.

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