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 I envy the batters. Nexen's 90's Young Men

If time goes by, only SK Wyverns, who have played the Korean Series dramatically on November 2, 2018, may be remembered. The loser is quickly forgotten in time.

That night, Nexen Heroes was a five-star player. Although he lost, his fifth game of the playoffs was intense. If he hadn't been mistaken in the first place, he wouldn't have been up too hard, but if he thinks of it, baseball will become dull.

I'm going to get my hands on the sweat and my fans in the cheering section to the end. The loser who received the highest praise from his opponent. Nexen gave the night the best thrill to play.

After watching the match on the same day, officials of the other team said that the new Nexen Heroes had no regrets. "I will be more scared," he said. It was due to the spirit and energy of Nexen, the youngest team in the league, at 25.7 years old.

In the fifth game of the playoffs, Nexen put his life in the starting lineup in the 1990s. Among Kim Ha-sung (23) and Song Sung-moon (22), Seo Gun-chang (29) and Park Byung-ho (32) Jerry Sand (31), Kim Gyu-min (23) and Park Hye-sung (19) of the 90s. Kim Gyu-min was filled with a gap in shoulder injury of Lee Jung-hoo (20), the middleman of the national team. Although Choi Won-tae (21), a native ace, was excluded, Ahn Woo-jin (19) showed off his presence, showing off his performance of 154 kilometers.

This year, Nexen suffered from long-term injury more than a month after Seo Gun-chang and Park Byung-ho. The exodus of the investigation into alleged sexual harassment by Cho Sang-woo and Park Dong-won was also serious. Although it was a crisis, young players continued to appear like comets. He made a great advance in the second half of the season. He has won 11 consecutive games, the largest number of his teams.

The young ones are not yet young. Kim Hye-sung played a fatal defense in Game 5 of the playoffs. After scoring the first three goals in the 0-0 game, Romac's three-run homer and three additional runs were provided as a base in the bottom of the sixth inning. It is a painful scene for Nexen. But pain is the motivation for growth. It's a mistake no one wanted, but it will heal faster in youth. I also saw hope when it was a hard time pressing down on my chest. Kim Ha-sung's "little brother," who immediately showed courage, showed his young but solid Nexen's teamwork.

As did Park Byung-ho and Seo Geon-chang, the Nexen Heroes can show greater power if they grow up. With players in their 20s and mid-20s playing 10 games in the fall, there is no worry about the next five or 10 years.

Nexen has taken the path of self-reliance, internal growth, and talent development. It was due to the limitations of the self-help group, which lacked funds. As a result, the team will have low cost, high efficiency, and future-oriented players.

It takes a long time to nurture and rebuild.사설토토 It takes infinite patience to sow and produce fruit. Once the rebuild is started, it is no use to quit midway. Over the years, we may have to endure how many directors and directors have to take off their clothes. This is why many people envy Nexen.

  |  Post by : petmalukimmy9

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