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 The first edition of the Korean Series

The Korean Series of Doosan and SK, the highlight of the fall baseball, will start today (April 4) with the best-of-seven series.

Doosan is ace Josh Lindblum, while SK is the starting pitcher for the first round.

Park Ji-eun is a reporter.


Doosan's Josh Lindblum had a remarkable record of 15 wins and 4 losses this season with an ERA of 2.88.

Doosan's ace, the only player to score a two-run ERA this season, was selected early in the first round of the Korean Series.

However, in his three wins against SK this season, he lost one game and scored 5.06.

Park Jong-hoon is the starting pitcher for SK against Lindblum.

In Game 5 of the playoffs against Nexen, SK will focus on starting the first round with ace Kim Kwang-hyun and foreign starter Kelly.

Park Jong-hoon has had a season of 14 wins and eight losses this season with an ERA of 4.18.

There is also a good memory of a five-inning draw in the game against Doosan.

The rotation has been set for Park Jong-hoon. You look better and feel better as you continue to play."

Director Kim Tae-hyung, who made it straight to the Korean Series as the overwhelming No. 1 in this season, is also confident.

/ Doosan Bears> "Because we are at the top of the regular season, that's stronger than SK.""

In Game 5 of the playoffs against Nexen, SK secured a ticket for the Korean Series with a 10th-long hit-and-run homer, and was confident that the rising team atmosphere will overwhelm Doosan.

Kim Kang-min / SK Wyverns." 스포츠토토추천

Doosan and SK have won the Korean Series for the first time in 10 years since 2008.

The highlight of the return match, fall baseball, that took place in 10 years now begins.

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