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 minor hopefuls with power to throw 167 kilometers and hit 166 kilometers of home runs

A pitcher throwing 167 kilometers of balls in the fall league of the minor leagues in the U.S. and a hitter with a 166-kilometer homerun are drawing attention.

The main characters are right-handed Nate Pearson and infielder Peter Alonso (New York Mets). Pearson is a rising star in single A under Toronto. Alonso is a promising player who was nominated by the New York Mets in 2016. He tied for first place with 36 home runs in the Minor League this year.

According to the Major League's official website Alonso played in the same league in Surprise Stadium in Arizona on Thursday (Korea time) as a solo player in the fall game of the 2018, and hit a 103 mile homerun.

The speed of the bat measured by the trackman was 110 miles (177 kilometers). In particular, said that although the Surprise Stadium did not have a high-tech comprehensive tracking system, Alonso connected a 103-mile ball with a home run, exceeding the record of the most arrested homerun in Major League Baseball. said that the highest-ever homerun in 2015 사설토토since the introduction of the scooter was the 102.8-mile ball of the New York Yankees in August 2017. At that time, the batter who connected Chapman's ball to a home run was Rafael Debus, a promising Boston Red Sox player. Alonso was a bit better in the minor fall league.

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