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 Ruling and opposition parties' consultative body "Applying to extension of elasticity path ...Expanding the beneficiaries of child benefits" (two steps)

imhyeongseop bakkyeongjun Journalist : Moon Jae-in, president and party floor leader of the five rival yeoyajeong government first meeting of the consultative body at Cheong Wa Dae and say, " the government and the ruling and opposition parties have five days.Economic legislation to improve the lives of its people under the common perception that things are heavy people's livelihood and budget, agreed to collaborate with a bipartisan manner.

Presidential spokesman Kim Eui-gyum and floor spokesman of the ruling and opposition parties made the remarks during a briefing at the Chunchoo building after the meeting.

President Moon and floor leaders of the ruling and opposition parties said in a statement that they will finalize supplementary legislative measures, including the expansion of the flexible labor system, to solve the difficulties of companies.

In the case of Justice Party floor leader Yoon So-ha, however, the spokesman explained, "We opposed the expansion of the flexible labor system."

Mr. Moon and his floor leaders agreed that the low birth rate problem was serious and agreed to promptly revise the child benefit law to expand the beneficiaries.

In addition, the government will jointly push for a bill to strengthen the punishment of illegal shooting, follow-up legislation in the case of the PC room in Gangseo, and the punishment for drunk driving.

They also agreed to work together to establish 스포츠토토사이트a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula and to create conditions for the early hosting of the inter-Korean talks, and to cooperate in reforming the electoral system to reduce the age of elections and increase the proportion.

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