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  Presidential approval rating of 55.6%...Five consecutive weeks since the Pyongyang meeting

Moon Jae-in Sung-eun the president of state support Pyongyang summit and visit to Washington immediately after the Korean Peninsula Peace Regime for five consecutive weeks on the downside is 50 % and the mid-three-percent range.Showed that the poll came five days.

Opinion polling organization polling agency RealMeter cbs commissioned by 29 last two days last month to over 19 years old voters nationwide trying the final call to 30,000 4938 2506 the respondents.End of October 2018, five weeks, a weekly count, Moon Jae-in, according to the president head of state, 55.6 percent approval rating came down 3.1 percentage points compared to a week ago.

The figure is down 9.7 percent from 65.3 percent in the fourth week of September, right after the Pyongyang summit and the U.S. peace and diplomacy.

The government's assessment of the wrong state administration rose 3.5 percentage points to 39.1 percent from last week, while the non-response rate dropped 0.4 percentage points to 5.3 percent.

As the recent five-week decline has been slow in the North American denuclearization negotiations, the government will continue to reduce interest and expectations on peace on the Korean Peninsula, including a decline in stock prices and economic growth rates.

President Moon's approval rating was 57.8 percent a week ago, and the news of worsening economic indicators such as stock price slump, long-term jobless growth (Statistics office) and the economic promotion index fell 54.7 percent.

After the visit to Gunsan and Gyeongju area, the conservative party continued its offensive against the Sun Glas DMZ, which led to a further decline of 55.3 percent.

The number of reports on President Moon's speech and the possibility of a reshuffle of the presidential office and the Cabinet's economic team rose to 55.9 percent on Tuesday.

Although the figures rose slightly in detail in the Honam region, North Gyeongsang Province, and most of the conservative and conservative groups in their 30s and above, they fell.

Meanwhile, the survey was conducted by radio interview (10 percent), wireless (70 percent), and wire call (20 percent), and random telephone dialing (20 percent) at the same time. Statistical corrections were made at the end of July 2018 by weighting by gender, age and region based on resident registration statistics by Ministry of Public Administration and Security. Its response rate is 7.2% and its sampling error is ±2.0% point at 95% confidence level. For more information and results,메이저사이트추천 see the National Election Advisory Council's website.

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