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 Indian Foreign Minister Kim Jung-sook and Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs ··· Highlight the synergy effect (General)

Moon Jae-in for 3 days 4 nights 5 days is the president his wife Kim Jung-sook, the visit to India's first official susima for a Swaraji Indian foreign minister.An audience and discussed development relation between the two countries.

A Cheong Wa Dae deputy spokesman said in a written briefing that Kim exchanged such information during a meeting with the foreign minister in New Delhi, India, for 25 minutes from 10 a.m. (local time).

Shin Bong-gil, South Korea's foreign policy secretary, Yoo Song-hwa, and his deputy spokesperson attended the meeting. In India, Vice Minister of East Asia Singh and Ambassador to South Korea Languastan were among others.

At the meeting, Kim evaluated Secretary Swarazi's efforts to carefully prepare for her visit to India.

He also expressed his hope that his visit will serve as an occasion for Korea and India to further develop friendship between the two countries and promote special historical and cultural ties.

"In fact, at the last summit, I had a request that Mr. Modi come to the Diwali Festival and that it would be very important for Korea and India to have a special strategic partnership, and it would certainly push it.

"I was very nervous and nervous because I was on my first trip without my husband," he said. "I came with great pleasure when I heard that I should give the best courtesy including Prime Minister Modi."

Kim stressed whether the special strategic partnership between Korea and India and the consequent synergistic effects of the two countries are very important, Goh said.
"I am pleased and honored to have visited India like this," Swarazi said. "I asked the Korean government for a high-level delegation at the time, but I didn't know that such a high-ranking woman would attend."

"We really liked the idea of a minister-level representative, but we were very happy to have such a higher woman," he added.

Speaking of a special relationship between Korea and India that began more than 2,000 years ago, Secretary Swarazi said, "Many people in India feel deep sympathy for Korea and hope that this visit will bring closer relations between Korea and India."

Kim will later visit a demonstration site for메이저놀이터 a school start-up. Later, she will attend a luncheon hosted by Sabita Corbind, the first lady of India's president.

In the afternoon, they meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the evening, she will attend a welcoming dinner hosted by Uttar Pradesh (UP) state Prime Minister Yogi Aditanat.

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