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 Samsung Electronics, can you read the release of foldable phones?Open teaser image on SNS

Samsung Electronics released a teaser image that suggests foldable Smartphones to social networking services and announced that foldable phones are about to be released.

Samsung Electronics posted an image of its foldable Smartphone on its official mobile Facebook account on the 5th. In the middle of the image, white 'SAMSUNG' logo is folded in half and compared to foldable phones. On the same day, Samsung Electronics replaced Twitter and Facebook's profile images with teaser images.

It is predicted that Samsung Electronics' foldable devices will be outlined at the Developer Conference (SDC) to be held in San Francisco on the 7th and 8th (local time).

Ko Dong-jin, president of Samsung Electronics, and Vice President Chung Eui-suk of Wireless Business Department will attend this event to optimize expansion of ecosystem of foldable AI platform called 'Bixby Vision' and development of foldable phones.

Specific types of foldable Smartphones were also mentioned. "Foldable products are going to provide completely portable and interactive experiences through innovative form factors." said Samsung Electronics at its conference call on its third quarter performance on the 31st.

According to foreign media, Samsung Electronics' foldable phones will be named 'Galaxy F (SM-F900U)', which is developed by Samsung Electronics and Google. It is heard that it will also be equipped with 512GB internal memory and dual-euro slot. The price is expected to exceed 1,500 dollars.

It is expected that Samsung Electronics will introduce foldable prototypes at SDC and finished products at 'CES' that will be held in the U.S. in January and 'MWC' that will be held in Spain in February next year.

Meanwhile, Chinese start-up 'Royol'안전한놀이터 introduced world's first commercial foldable Smartphone called 'FlexPai'. However, critics say that it lacks usability and durability, which is less than true foldable phones.

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