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 World Economic Outlook] Xi Jinping, directed at the U.S. "Anti-trade, a one-sided opposition"

Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed Monday that the U.S. should oppose the protection trade and unilateralism of the U.S. while the leaders of the U.S. and China decided to hold a summit on the sidelines of the G20 summit.

At the opening speech of the first China International Import Fair held at the Shanghai National Center for International Trade (NECC) on the same day, Xi said, "The countries must cooperate with each other to build a more beautiful world amid serious changes."

■美 "No Protection Trade" aimed at

In particular, President Xi pointed out that "openings bring progress, but if they close their doors, they will inevitably lead to backwardness." The two leaders of the U.S. and China agreed to hold a meeting at the G20 summit on October 1 to find an outlet for the U.S.-China trade dispute.

Xi, who claimed to be a free trade spokesman, said on the day that the import fair, which he advocated, is a "one-time creative step" by international trade developers, stressing the meaning of China's active expansion into the world. "China will not close the door to opening China, but will open wider," he said.

He proposed measures to expand the reform and 스포츠토토opening of the free trade talks between Korea, China and Japan, including the promotion of potential import forces by lowering additional tariffs, easing restrictions on foreign capital's entry into the Chinese market, and strengthening of Korea, China and Japan. In particular, China has declared that it will import goods and services worth $30 trillion and $10 trillion respectively over the next 15 years. It also revealed its plan to open additional markets for technology-based entrepreneurs such as NASDAQ in Shanghai.

Regarding China's concerns about its slowing economy, Xi said, "It is true that China's economic development has increased the risks and challenges in some areas due to a series of abrupt contradictions and problems."

■ Indications for the promotion of the system

China made a conciliatory gesture by expressing its willingness to increase imports of foreign products at the first international import fair, as the U.S., which has stressed trade imbalance.

Nevertheless, some point out that the event is a propaganda venue for China to show solidarity with other countries except for the U.S. alliance. Among the 12 poorest countries in the trade fair, major advanced countries were slow to participate in events, with China`s largest trading partners such as Korea and Japan excluded. Instead, Russia, Hungary, Brazil, Indonesia, and Pakistan were chosen as the main guest countries, including China's one-on-one (the land and sea silk roads). Some point out that the move is aimed at appeasing the worsening public opinion that China is taking a huge responsibility for its one-to-one policies.

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