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 Kim Seong-tae recommended that the regular meeting of Lee Hae-chan, Lee Nak-yeon and Lim Jong-seok be stopped

Free Korea Double In Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon, a share fishermen, 5th floor leader Kim Hwa-young, a weekend to suspend the weekly meeting of the president's chief said Moon Jae-in.Asked for president.

Kim said in his first statement at the first meeting of the ruling, opposition and opposition parties at Cheong Wa Dae that the politics of Cheong Wa Dae's personnel is going beyond the bounds. "There are many unnecessary misunderstandings from the public," he said. "The misunderstanding is a misunderstanding and distrust that can be seen as the privatization of power," he said.
While smiling at Kim`s remarks, President Moon wrote on a yellow note that "it could be seen as a privatization of power."

After all the floor leaders` remarks, Kim applied for additional comments and suggested that he really wanted to say something heartfelt.

In his first all-out statement, floor leader Kim made an all-out decision on government policy. "It is regrettable that conflict and hostility are reflected to the public even though we can resolve the issue through practical cooperation and cooperation," he said in detail. The government`s recent approval of the North`s joint declaration and the inter-Korean military agreement in September was lamentable. "It is disappointing."

Kim, saying “Micro-enterprise and income growth policies will lead to disaster or economic indicators are showing worse, and scream of self-employed people is already almost screaming.”." Moon Jae-in, the government's de facto distribution policy and a side dot on the distribution of economic policy, too because of the growth in a little bit negligent and greater growth potential.Isn't the,, to think so.

We must respond to the public`s anger over 토토사이트추천employment tax and employment irregularities, floor leader Kim said at the ruling and opposition parties` consultative body today to create such a big opportunity for the public to resolve their distrust through a swift parliamentary investigation and investigation.

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