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 15% reduction in fuel tax starting tomorrow.Up to 123 won for gasoline and 87 won for diesel.

Depends on inventory, the point of price reduction at the gas station may vary.Reflect as early as possible"

(Union News) Lee Yul-Jul = The government will lower taxes on oil from gasoline, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) by 15 percent for six months from June 6.

As a result, gasoline can be reduced by up to 123 won per liter, 87 won per liter for diesel and 30 won per liter for LPG and butane.

Considering the current inventory, however, it is likely that the price of individual gas stations will be reflected in the price reduction.
According to the Strategy and Finance Ministry on Sunday, the government will lower the oil tax by 15 percent from Monday to May 6 next year in order to ease the burden on small- and small- and medium-sized businesses and the working class.

Oil refineries will supply gasoline, diesel and LPG butane to gas stations from midnight on the 6th to 11:59 a.m. on May 6th at a price that reflects a 15% reduction in oil tax.

The oil tax cut rate, which will take place in the first 10 years, is the largest ever, and the government expects to ease the burden of about 2 trillion won in oil taxes for six months.

The government earlier cut taxes on gasoline, diesel and LPG by 10 percent for 10 months from March 10, 2008 to December 31, 2008, when the global financial crisis continued.

If the tax cut is reflected in the 100 메이저사이트percent price, gasoline will fall from 1,690 won per liter in the fifth week of October to 1,567 won, while diesel will fall by 5.8 percent from 1,495 won per liter.
Currently, taxes on oil will be levied on transportation, energy, and environment taxes (26 percent on driving, transportation tax), education taxes (15 percent) on LPG Bhutan, and education taxes (15 percent on consumption tax).

Oil taxes account for 53.2 percent of gasoline prices and 44.5 percent of diesel.

The government plans to operate a joint monitoring system to ensure that the oil tax cut will be reflected in the sales price.

They will hold a meeting with oil companies, gas stations and charging station industries to ask for cooperation so that oil tax cuts can be reflected in prices quickly, and also check for price fixing.

"The oil refineries said they would release the oil price that reflects the reduction as soon as possible, and gas stations are minimizing their inventory to reflect the reduced price as soon as possible, but reducing the oil tax due to the timing of inventory."

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