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 DB Shines in both main roles and supporting roles, SK won six games in the season.

Wonju/Kim Yong-ho] DB was still a master of reversal.

Wonju DB won the second round match against SKT 5GX, which was held at Wonju Stadium on Tuesday. With the win, DB quickly lost its second consecutive win of the season and won its first home game in 35 days.

Marcus Foster scored 24 블랙잭points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists 2 blocks, and Lion Williams 20 points, 17 rebounds, 2 blocks. In Korean players, Kim Hyun-ho helped the team with six goals, six rebounds, two blocks of two steels, and nine points, four rebounds, and two assists.

On the other hand, SK scored 19 points overall on Oderian Basset and Aaron Haines. Kim Sun-sun (14 points), Choi Bu-kyung (14 points), Byun Gi-hoon (11 points) and Kim Min-soo (10 points) struggled with double-digit scores, but their batting average dropped dramatically in overtime.

SK took complete control of the first quarter. SK, which Kim Sun-sun and Byun Ki-hoon scored three-point shots side by side, displayed accurate night shots both inside and outside. Especially, the outside gun fired fire. Although veteran players worked hard after Williams, the difference in batting average was huge.

SK overtook the middle of the first quarter and led it by a double-score (20-10). Lee Hyun-suk's three-pointer shot, which widened the gap. SK, which had the upper hand in rebound (10-5), had 10 assists in the first quarter alone, leading the game by 32-14.

The mood did not change easily. 스포츠토토사이트Although SK's outpost was silent for a while, the players made a two-point shot. On the other hand, the success rate of the three-pointers has yet to be restored in the DB. Rebound fights changed trends equally, but they lacked scoring ability. The first half ended with SK leading Kim Min-soo and Bassett 47-28.
He added a goal with a goal gap. The DB, which opened up from Williams' basket account to Yoon Ho-young's outpost, narrowed the gap to 41-50.

SK has not given DB a clear shot in its tight defense. Kim Sun-sun and Haines put out the urgent fire, but the DB's momentum grew stronger. Kim Hyun-ho continued to play alto on both sides of the airspace, and Foster's fingertips burned. By adding two three-pointers to the basket account, the team tied 56-56, and met the fourth quarter.

The DB's offensive continued. Choi and Byun scored but Reid did not last long. After driving SK into 24-second bio-alignment, Han Jung-won scored five points in a row, including three-pointers, making a comeback in just two minutes. On top of that, Park Byung-woo tried again to change the number of three-pointers he shot.

Basset's winning streak is 65-65 again. The game was hardly slanted. Although the DB wanted to take the lead again by adding Kim Hyun-ho's breakthrough score based on rebound dominance and steel, SK also faced Kim Min-soo and Choi Boo-kyung firmly. The remaining time was 23.1 seconds.

In overtime, both teams failed their first offense. Since then, Choi and Williams have scored side by side, continuing the close race. However, as SK's closer Kim Sun-hyung put a three-pointer against the goal, the score reached 76-71. DB did not give up hope until the end. After Foster's goal, Park Byung-woo was sent off for five fouls, while Choi made a U-wave. The poster made a clean shot, and the game was thrown into chaos.

Kim Sun-hyung's three-pointer turned away from 서울경마Lim, while Park Ji-hoon led the DB back to 77-76 by scoring a free throw from fouls. SK's last operational time, called 29.9 seconds. The goddess of victory smiled at DB. After Bassett's failure, the Heldball was declared, and the right to attack was up to DB. DB was able to endure the remaining 7.8 seconds to secure a thrilling victory at home.

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