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 Criterion "Combined with Na? genealogy.Hwang Kyo-ahn 40 to 45% Possibility of Whole Loan"

Rhyu Ki-jun, a member of the Liberty Korea Party, dismissed the possibility of unifying with Na Kyung-won, who is competing for the next floor leader post. Pro-Park Geun-hye faction members stood, such as breathing in the Cabinet with a 40 percent forecast. The possibility for representatives of former Prime Minister hwanggyoan

In an interview with Tbs radio, Yoo said, "Unification can be done in a situation where political activities, political paths, and politics are similar." He repeated, "The genealogy has been different since then."

He said, "We should evaluate it based on personal principles, but we will move to political comment."

Bibakkeunhyegyein gangseoko, for the unification of the gimhagyong " single in the process of doing to mate with each other with policy committee chairman, practically his own.Things took a shortage of think it is not automatically will be unified if the forecast even naogi.

"I focused on fighting (with the ruling party), but as a result, I was not able to communicate with the people and gain sympathy," said floor leader Kim Seong-tae.

Former Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn predicted that the possibility of running for the party leadership in next year's national convention would be around 40 to 45 percent. He added, "I said I would reconsider my candidacy for the party and the convention, and I didn't say no."

“really sunk the party in local elections can run?” she remembered, “It's difficult.” in the former Hong Joon-pyo of the possibilities for conclusively determine.

Former Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, 검증사이트former South Gyeongsang Governor Kim Tae-ho, said, "We are thinking about running for the presidency.

Meanwhile, he said, "We should make our party spring, which is in a rather crisis like the winter solstice, so that I can lead the party well and try my best to overcome the nation's crisis."

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