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Newsis and gimtaegyu hongjieun Journalist : 20 (g20) summit venue Moon Jae-in, completing his visit to Argentina.The president on October 1, (local time) " a lot of work in the country are well aware that waiting for me. I hope you believe me."

In his Facebook post titled "After the G20 Summit Finishing" before leaving for New Zealand, President Moon said, "I once again pledge to achieve the wishes of the right country and people."

It is analyzed that the special inspector group under the presidential office of civil affairs is under fire, and the controversy over public officials' discipline is being criticized. This suggests that President Moon, who has been emphasizing the abolition of the red-money in power, does not simply see what is being detected inside.

"The city of Buenos Aires is second only to New York," President Moon said. It was meaningful to discuss international tasks here.

"Fair and free trade should be guaranteed in order 사설토토 to sustain the growth of our economy or the global economy."

"The world now agrees on inclusive values," he said. If we create a country that lives well together, it will be a new hope for the global community.

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