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 2.0L' is an old saying.Downsize and destroy.

The formula 'medium sedan exhaust 2.0 litres' and 'traditional sedan exhaust 1.6 litres' in automobile markets will no longer work. In the case of midsize sedan that was recently released, the line between medium and semi-medium sedan was broken while downsizing.

As environmental regulations are tightened around the world, car downsizing is a trend that cannot be helped. Because automobile engines emit carbon dioxide as much as it does in fuel, it can reduce carbon dioxide by lowering its emissions.

Due to this reason, Korean car makers have been releasing a series of vehicles with downsized engines.

◇ Downsizing Engine Turbo Technology is key

Turbo-engine technology is required for engine 토토사이트 downsizing. Turbo engines artificially inject more air into the cylinders of the engine to burn more fuel, resulting in lower emissions and higher power output. The turbochargers provide increased power, allowing even a small engine to generate more power. With a downsized engine, performance and fuel economy are better.

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