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600 million won last month. The 100m2 Wirye I'Park 1st was traded at 700 million won (approx. The 106m2 dedicated to Songpa Furjio, a new city that was traded for 700 million won in October, was also sold for 650 million won last month. "Consumers are not in a hurry as new facilities such as Helio City and others are being introduced at low prices," said an official of R Public Corporation in Changgok-dong, Seongnam City.

Statistics also show that jeonse prices in Songpa-gu are falling ahead of the entry into Helio City. According to the Korea Institute of Audit and Inspection, the price of jeonse in Songpa-gu fell 0.14 percent from the previous week, continuing its downward trend for the fifth consecutive week.

"Two times the volume of next year's housing" 베트맨토토

Experts predict that jeonse prices will likely remain stable for the time being due to the high volume of residues in the southeastern Seoul area over the next two years. According to Real Estate 114, 51,000 households will move in next year alone in Seoul. It is twice as much as the volume of new houses this year.

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